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Since Fall 2016, I have been teaching General Chemistry II with a class size of 60 students. Being the course coordinator, I have the freedom to explore different e-learning technology and teaching  methods such as "flip classroom" and hybrid course to enhance teaching effectiveness.  Concurrently,  students will gain hands-on experience and develop basic lab skills during the laboratory sessions.  Hands-on activities are a must for students to learn Chemistry as "Chem-is-try".

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Very interactive and give us inspirational advices

He makes every endeavor to help students in advanced learning.

Good Personality

Benny has certainly danced his way into our hearts.  He interacts with the students with charm, flair, and personality. He was never to strict nor too lenient

He was always very patient and helpful.

Keeping humor involved in the class. It lightens up the mood and helps to grab the students attention.

I greatly appreciate his willingness to help anytime

Benny is friendly and encourages students to communicate with him.

Very passionate and caring.


The instructor was very knowledgeable about the material and because of that I felt comfortable asking him questions.

Clear explanations

Good powerpoint. I loved the teacher and this class. It was easy to follow and I didn’t fall asleep in lecture. The powerpoints were clear and consistent.

He explained the material so well and cared about all his students.

Benny was able to take the theory presented in class and integrate it well into examples as well as expand on course ideas.

I liked how the worksheet packets related very well to the class material and how well Benny was able to communicate to us.  Benny as our workshop leader was my favorite part.  He taught us well.

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