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Assistant Professor

2016 - Present

Department of Chemistry, Pierce College

Taught general chemistry, quantitative analysis, and physical chemistry courses for students from diverse backgrounds and cultures

Introduction to the Reading Apprenticeship Framework for Community College STEM Faculty

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Faculty of Science, The University of Hong Kong

Taught common core courses to students from different faculties.

Chemistry Lecturer

2010 – 2011

Department of Chemistry, California State University Channel Islands

Taught general chemistry, quantitative analysis, and physical chemistry courses for students from diverse backgrounds and cultures

Teaching Assistant

2004 – 2010

Department of Chemistry, University of California, Los Angeles

Taught physical biochemistry, general chemistry, chemical thermodynamics and physical chemistry

EXCEL General Chemistry Workshop Facilitator


UCLA Program for Excellence in Education and Research in the Sciences

EXCEL stands for Excellence through Collaboration for Efficient Learners. I worked as a workshop facilitator and fostered a collaborative learning environment for 20 high-risk first-year students

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Los Angeles Pierce College

Since Fall 2016, I have been teaching General Chemistry II with a class size of 60 students. Being the course coordinator, I have the freedom to explore different e-learning technology and teaching  methods such as "flip classroom" and hybrid course to enhance teaching effectiveness.  Concurrently,  students will gain hands-on experience and develop basic lab skills during the laboratory sessions.  Hands-on activities are a must for students to learn Chemistry as "Chem-is-try".

Interview by Insider

Please click the PDF to download LA Pierce College Insider Issue 2, January 2018

Sample videos for my Chemistry Course
The University of Hong Kong

Forensic Science: Unmasking Evidence, Mysteries and Crimes

Fall and Spring semesters since 2012                                               Class size: 144 students from all majors

This is an interdisciplinary course which leads students to explore the world of modern forensic science through a series of selected forensic science topics interplayed with interesting, famous or mysterious crime case studies and problem-based learning tutorials. My responsibility includes developing lecture and tutorial materials, supervising twelve teaching assistants, and designing a crime scene (bloodstain pattern analysis) for the students. I have developed hands-on four lab sessions including hairs and fibers analysis, fingerprints extraction, soil and shoeprints analysis, and drug analysis. Currently, I am developing a Mobile App for the students to play with and review the science of forensic science.

Big History of Our Planet

Fall semester 2015-2016                                                  Class size: 10 students from non-science majors

Originated by Professor David Christian at Macquarie University and supported by Mr. Bill Gate in 2009, this is a multi-disciplinary course that examines our past, explains our present, and imagines our future. It surveys the history of our world since the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago and gives us a chance to reflect on how human history places within this context. I am one of the key teachers developing this course in HKU. I delivered lectures on The Life Cycle of Stars, How Elements Were Made, and The History and Importance of Chemistry, as well as prepared assessments of the course.

Frontiers of Science Honors Seminar

Spring semester 2015-2016                                   Class size: 18 students from different science majors

Every year, 6 award-winning professors from different departments in the Faculty of Science will be featured in this honor seminar, which emphasizes research-teaching coupling.  They will share their research accomplishment and paths to success with our students, who are interested in future research opportunities and graduate education.


As the deputy course coordinator, I wrote the course proposal, identified award-winning professors, liaised between the professors and my fellow Faculty Lecturers, and designed assessments of the course.  Additionally, I assist Professor Vivian W.W. Yam from the chemistry department to prepare and deliver lectures about her research in photophysics and OLED. 

The Science and Lore of Culinary Culture

Spring semesters in 2013-2016                              Class size: 120 students from all majors

Culinary practices may be regarded as one of the oldest and most widespread applications of chemistry and physical sciences in everyday life. Traditionally, understanding and knowledge on cooking are based on collective experiences of diverse individuals passed down from generations to generations.

My role in this course involved developing and delivering lecture and small group discussion materials, guiding their group projects, supervising TAs for the Dough Kneading experiment.  In my lectures, I performed two demonstrations “Oyster Leaves Tasting” and “Changing Color Floral Tea” to trick their sensory.

Obesity: Beyond a Health Issue

Spring semester in 2015-2016                                                           Class size: 60 students from all majors

This course aims to elevate students’ understanding on obesity from being a personal, straightforward problem to a multifaceted, worldwide phenomenon. My role in this course involved monitoring online discussion, developing and delivering materials for small group discussion, and facilitating a weekly debate about different controversies in obesity

Science and Science Fiction

Fall semesters since 2013                                                     Class size: 60 students from all majors

This course uses science fiction as a plot device to explore different scientific and social issues such as the role of scientists, gender & race issues, war & religion, Utopias and Dystopias, different societies and cultures, space travel and time travel, environmental problems and the effect of technology in our society. I am a facilitator for the small group discussions with emphasis on analyzing the issues critically.  I have also delivered a lecture about the scientifically inaccurate Sci-Fi movies.  

Our Place in the Universe

Spring semesters in 2011-2013                                            Class size: 24 - 60 students from all majors

As the title has illustrated, this course focuses on the historical changes in the perception of our place in the universe as a result of astronomical development. My role in this course involved developing and delivering materials for small group discussion and problem-based tutorials, which included a field visit to the Hong Kong Space Museum as well as computer stimulation of astronomical phenomena.

Hidden Order in Daily Life: a Mathematical Perspective

Fall semesters in 2011-2015                                                Class size: 60 - 120 students from all majors

This course focused on the mathematics, including but not limited to Game Theory, Shapley Value, Mathematics of Voting, Page Ranking, as well as Cryptography, used in daily life. My role in this course involved developing and delivering materials for small group discussion and problem-based tutorials. 

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Sample Lecture
The App I developed
Students' Comment in U.S.A. and in Hong Kong

Dr. Benny engages all the students to make sure that we all understand the material.  I’m happy to have had Dr. Benny. Without him I think I would not understand a single thing.

Hidden Order in Daily Life: A Mathematical Perspective

The University of Hong Kong

He can create a good atmosphere of learning, encourage interactions among students and is extremely supportive

A student

The University of Hong Kong

I thought Benny did an outstanding job. I always thought chemistry was pretty tough. He made it easy to understand. He's easily the best science teacher I've ever had. And one of the best teachers I've had overall. This guy is AWESOME. He's incredibly helpful, but I think much of the class never went to see him when they needed help.

General Chemistry

California State University Channel Island

I like the examples he gave that would not relate to the subject but symbolized the same concept he was trying to let us understand. I enjoy him sending us emails every days about practice problems and about lectures and everything else.

General Chemistry


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Very interactive and give us inspirational advices

He makes every endeavor to help students in advanced learning.

Good Personality

Benny has certainly danced his way into our hearts.  He interacts with the students with charm, flair, and personality. He was never to strict nor too lenient

He was always very patient and helpful.

Keeping humor involved in the class. It lightens up the mood and helps to grab the students attention.

I greatly appreciate his willingness to help anytime

Benny is friendly and encourages students to communicate with him.

Very passionate and caring.


The instructor was very knowledgeable about the material and because of that I felt comfortable asking him questions.

Clear explanations

Good powerpoint. I loved the teacher and this class. It was easy to follow and I didn’t fall asleep in lecture. The powerpoints were clear and consistent.

He explained the material so well and cared about all his students.

Benny was able to take the theory presented in class and integrate it well into examples as well as expand on course ideas.

I liked how the worksheet packets related very well to the class material and how well Benny was able to communicate to us.  Benny as our workshop leader was my favorite part.  He taught us well.

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