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Knowledge Exchange

Science X Art 2013
Science X Art II 2014


About the Project

Dr. Benny Ng initiated the project and he is the project director for Science and Art Crossover Programme I and II.


This project aimed to visualize science in an artistic and interactive manner through the following activities:


1.      A One-day Programme – interesting hands-on workshops and talks about how science displayed in different art forms were offered to 180 junior secondary school students from 66 different schools;

2.      Science & Art Crossover Exhibition – Students’ artworks made during the workshops were exhibited in 13 locations including HK International Airport with an estimated close to 10 million visitors

The project was granted a fund of HK$170,000 in total by the HKU KE Office and fundraised over HK$15,000.  It also generated 17 newspaper and magazine articles with a total circulation of over 2.2 million readers and Ad-value over HK$756,000. Dr. Benny Ng and his team were awarded the University-wide Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2014.



Media Coverage:

Project Highlight
Science X Art 2014 Lecture: Hidden Order in Nature
Highlight for Science X Art 2013 &  Promotion for 2014
Highlight for Science X Art 2014

Video produced and edited by Mr. William Kwok.

Media Coverage

Junior Standard -- The Art of Science

April 23, 2014

A unique community project gives an artistic view of the discipline. 

The Student Standard -- Beauty of Science

March 19, 2014

An innovative project encourages students to look at science from an artistic perspective. 

Knowledge Magazine -- 初中生新興數理 「有玩有學」

March 14, 2014


明報 -- 入得廚房,出得畫廊

February 17, 2014

宏觀而完整的教育是跨學科的知識整合,現實中的科目之間卻有如「水溝油」。香港大學理學院第二屆「科學與藝術的融合」工作坊計劃總監、香港大學理學院講師吳俊熙博士留學期間看過不少結合科學、藝術等不同元素的展覽、講座, 「我想把這一套帶回來(香港),現在的教育制度較重視實用科學,但我相信,一個宏觀而完整的教育,人文及藝術在當中扮演十分重要的角色」。

星島日報 -- 日常科學大解構

February 17, 2014

講起科學,或者你只會諗起試管、Bunsen Burner……

星島日報 -- 港大科學工作坊 融合藝術學數理

February 13, 2014


星島日報 《陽光校園》-- 美食的藝術與科學

February 12, 2014


大公報 -- 港大工作坊融合科學藝術

February 10, 2014


文匯報 -- 港大教初中生探討科學藝術

February 10, 2014


SCMP -- As a much awaited movie approaches, students use the toy bricks to unite logic and creativity

January 23, 2014

東方日報 -- 當科學遇上藝術

December 31, 2013


"NOT 'OR', BUT 'AND'." HKU Bulletin Dec. 2013 Vol. 15 No 1 p38-39. 

December 31, 2013

Science or Art? That is the question. For decades, students have been asked to make a choice between the two. But a recent Knowledge Exchange (KE) workshop posed a new question - since the two disciplines are dynamically interwined, shouldn't it be both?

星島日報 -- 港大邀中學生 趣學藝術科學

December 01, 2013

東方日報 -- 鼓勵中學生探索科學與藝術

November 21, 2013

Faculty Newsletter

April 29, 2013

Science and art, intertwined yet pole apart, were the twin dynamic components in the cultural development of any civilizations. However, people often merely consider their polarity, which leads to the partitioning of curiosity, inquiry and knowledge into specialized compartments. 

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HKU Alumi e-Notices
Nov. 21, 2013

We would love to have exhibitions to showcase our participants' artwork and engage the public interest in science. 

Feb 4 - 17, 2014 @ HKU Chi Wah Learning Commons
Mar 7 - 14, 2014 @ Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Apr 1 - 30, 2014 @MTR Central station
Jun 10 - July 4 @True Light Girls' College
Jul 14-16, 2014 @ Hong Kong Cultural Center
Jul 24 - Oct 23, 2014 @ Hong Kong International Airport
Aug 9-14, 2014 @ Artland
Positive Feedback from Parents, Participants, Sponsors, and Colleagues

Insightful day for myself

Chris Lau

SCMP, Jan 29, 2014

We are very proud of you and your team. 

Professor Paul Tam

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, HKU, Feb 14, 2014

This project was the brainchild of Dr. Benny Ng.

Professor Pauline Chiu

Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Science, HKU, Feb 14, 2014

The marriage between Science and Art is enough to wow a person. What impressed me most was how effective this project is able to transform the yound students intellectually and behaviorally.

Dr. CH Tseng

Assistant Professor, HKU, Feb 12, 2014

Fun and meaningful

Christina Law, a participant

True Light Girls' College, Feb 20, 2014

My daughter won the top 100 Junior writers award in 2014 because the project did give her inspiration to find out her role in the society.

Eva Lai, a participant's parent

Mar 3, 2014

It will become one of the memorable moments in her life!

Mina Chan, a participant's parent and a donar

Jan 18, 2014

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