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SMArt 2016
About the project

After running Science X Art I and II, Dr. Benny Ng decided to integrate the mathematics component into his new projet SMArt.


The SMArt (Science, Mathematics and Art) Programme aims to enhance scientific literacy among the community and to nurture our younger generation’s interest in science via offering to secondary school students hands-on workshops that connect science, mathematics and art together. We would like to inspire more students to be more well-rounded and appreciate the connection between science, mathematics and art through the following activities: 


1. The SMART Weekend (tentatively January 16-17, 2016) 

– This programme was offered to 100 junior secondary school students from 40 different schools. It consists of (a) interactive lectures delivered by our professors on relevant scientific research and its impact, (b) live demonstrations, and (c) five hands-on workshops integrating science, mathematics and art for participants to choose from;


2. The SMART Exhibition (January – June, 2016) 

– After the above programme, we will hold a series of exhibitions to showcase the artworks created by our participants.  In the exhibitions, general audiences will learn and appreciate the involved science through viewing the artworks and reading our written explanations of the underlying theories or phenomena on the posters or pamphlets.  Selected artworks will be displayed in the MTR Central Station from March 1 to March 31, 2016.


In addition to HK$70,000 granted by the HKU Knowledge Exchange (KE) Office, Dr. Benny Ng raised HK$260,000 from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corps.



Project Director

As the project director of Science X Art I and II, SciChef Cooking Competition, Dr. Benny Ng continuously demonstrates his organization and leadership skills in the SMArt project. He initiated the connections and worked closely with different external bodies including government officials, Science Park, as well as celebrity chefs in these projects. He fundraising and public relationship abilities gave boost to the project. 

Project Highlight
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